Ralph Nader: Minimum Wage Support Grows

  During a recent talk at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson indicated his support for legislation in Congress to raise the federal minimum wage. “I will tell you we will support legislation that moves forward,” he said. Later in the talk, Mr. Thompson continued, “McDonald’s will be fine. We’ll manage through […]

Labor Scholars, Women’s Groups, and Walmart Activists Challenge Hillary Clinton to Use Her Walmart Influence to Raise Women’s Wages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Pete Davis, Time for a Raise campaign / 347-453-3135 / [email protected] LABOR SCHOLARS, WOMEN’S GROUPS, AND WALMART ACTIVISTS CHALLENGE HILLARY CLINTON TO USE HER WALMART INFLUENCE TO RAISE WOMEN’S WAGES Dozens of labor scholars, women’s groups, and Walmart activists issued a letter today asking Hillary Clinton to use her deep Walmart […]

USA Today: Give workers a raise

Excerpted from a Ralph Nader op-ed at USA Today. The long-standing effort to raise the federal minimum wage is approaching showdown time. Opinion polls show consistent support for a raise across the political spectrum. Cities from Washington to San Jose have passed significant local increases, and more are on the way. Last week, President Obama upped the ante with […]