Cook County Raises Minimum Wage to $13 an Hour

“The Cook County Board voted Wednesday to gradually raise the minimum wage to $13 by July 2020, following the legislation’s approval Tuesday by the board’s Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. The move, which comes more than a year after Chicago implemented the first phase of a minimum wage increase, adds Cook County to the growing […]

EPI Releases New Agenda to Fix Gender Pay Gap

It is no secret that there is a steep pay gap between women and men. Everyday, women earn less than men for similar work. New work from the Economic Policy Institute shows that on average, women earn $.82 for each dollar that men make. This disparity varies based on different ethnic groups, with African-American and […]

The Hill: Republican Opposition to Raising the Minimum Wage Is Crumbling

“During two recent Senate debates, two GOP candidates, Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) both broke with their previous opposition to raising the minimum wage (or in the case of Sen. Johnson, even having a minimum wage), and made it clear during their debates that it’s absolutely time to raise the federal minimum wage.”   More […]