The Hill: Republican Opposition to Raising the Minimum Wage Is Crumbling

“During two recent Senate debates, two GOP candidates, Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) both broke with their previous opposition to raising the minimum wage (or in the case of Sen. Johnson, even having a minimum wage), and made it clear during their debates that it’s absolutely time to raise the federal minimum wage.”   More […]

The Nation:  Florida Has Not Held an Employer Responsible for Violating the Minimum Wage Since 2011

“Despite such complaints, Bondi’s public comments have given the impression that wage theft in Florida is not a problem in need of robust solutions. In a statement provided to me in February for a separate article—Bondi’s office did not respond to more than a dozen requests for comment on this story—a spokesperson for the office […]

US News: Increasing the minimum wage for the lowest-paid workers will benefit America’s very poor – and very wealthy.

“Higher wages provide the fuel to drive our economy. It’s a simple equation: Higher wages equal increased consumer spending, which makes business grow. The economics of the last 40 years has largely benefited the 1 percent, leaving the middle class and the poor behind. It’s in everyone’s interest to stop this trend.”   More available here