Jacobin: A Starting Point The Success of Minimum-Wage Ballot Initiatives Shows the First Steps for Building a Left Platform Under Trump.

“But how do we make sense of these votes, in light of the Republican landslide? On the one hand, the minimum wage victories show us, once again, the disconnect between what voters want on the issues and what they vote for in candidates. Polls have consistently shown for the last several decades that voters approve […]

2016 Election Results

In five states last night, the minimum wage was on the ballot. And in five states last night, the minimum wage won. In Arizona, Colorado and Maine, voters approved measures that would raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. Each measure passed by at least 9% of the total vote. This will provide tens […]

Minimum Wage on the Ballot in 2016

With the inequality gap continuing to rise, and Congress refusing to address the issue, citizens across the United States are stepping in to fill in the gaps. This November, the minimum wage will appear on the ballot in five states. Arizona: In Arizona, the ballot initiative proposes to increase the state minimum wage to $12 […]